Kelsey and James

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Our Story

We met in high school (what's up Woodside Wildcats!) but didn't quite hit it off until college when we both ended up at UC Santa Barbara. We became fast friends during our freshman year and for 2.5 years, we navigated Isla Vista together as best friends. One would hardly be seen without the other, and it seems everyone knew we'd end up together except for us. In December, 2011 we finally caught on and officially started dating. We got a lot of "about time" and "I knew it!" from our friends and family — totally fair.

Over the last 10 years together we have welcomed new experiences, adventures, life lessons, and an outrageously wonderful dog. Now, with the support of our friends and family, we're ready to dive into the great adventure of marriage!

And before you say it, we know what you're thinking... about time, right?